Chinna Diamonds

Diamonds are timeless as is our faith in our Jewellery. We are a pioneer in all variety of Diamond ornaments!! Check out the most recent Diamond Jewellery designs and trends.

Diamonds for Finger Rings, Mangalsutra, Necklace, Pendants, Bangles, Ear Rings & More !!!


With over 25 Years of experience in the field of diamond jewellery, our artifacts have quite a legacy in terms of premium quality!!

Unmatched Precision

All our diamonds are handcrafted with utmost precision by qualified professionals to make a perfect jewel artifact.


Why Choose Us?

We have been pioneer in trading diamonds and its ornaments.  With over 25 years of experience in the field, you can be rest assured about the quality of the diamonds that you will be investing into !!

Leading Diamond Traders

Pioneer in the diamond trading with over 25 years of experience !!

Timely Delivery

We adhere to our timeline with prompt delivery for all our customers !!

Professional Quality & Precision

Our diamonds are synonymous with the quality that we deliver it with. The diamonds are precision cut to sparkle at the brightest moments of your life !!

Quality Service

We serve our customer with utmost care and loyalty so that your choices are always honored by our team !!